Product Name: Auto Body Collision Repair Systems


Product description: Auto Body Collision Repair Systems

Product details

One main rule body, three branches of measure bar, three A end probes, 14 B end probes, three kinds of measure method, over one thousand arrangements.

All accessories are made of environment friendly and high strength nylon and high strength aluminum alloy for aeroplane industry, and made with high standard mould technology. The net weight of the product during work is only 1.2 kg.

Magnetic probe: expansion magnetic probe can be fixed tightly on all kinds of technical holes and orientation holes. It predigests the auto repair work with simple theory and makes the measuring work able to be handled by one single person.

Distance between any two points can be measured very precisely.

We can make sure the precise measurement by adjusting the rule bars and main rule body. And the dimension can be read easily. The range of measurement is 250~2235mm.

The function of horizontal adjustment ensures the precise measurement.