Product Name: Automotive MultiTester


Product description:

Product details

The automotive multi tester, which tests the electrical system of an automobile completely. This multipurpose instrument:

·Tests battery voltage
·Checks the battery condition while starting the engine.
·Checks interior and exterior lamps
·Checks relays, power windows and electric motors.
·LED light source.
It also has a powerful light source, circuit breaker protected voltage source and a warning buzzer
·Power supply functions may be selected.
·Protects wires and components when testing shorted and overloaded circuits
·Finds open and disconnected parts

·There is magnet near the back side of the device, so you can attach the device on the vehicle for easy use.


Power:12V battery (23A)
Dimensions(W×L×T):53×195×45 mm
Weight:250g (only main body)