Product Name: ECU Cables Fast Repair Testing Board


Product description:

Product details


This tester is truck engine ECU wire connector, which will show all the wires of the ECU in the tester, so the technical engineer can check every wire easily.


It is great help to improve working efficiency, make the circuit maintenance much easier because you will no need to destroy car wires.


Fast and accurate:
All wires of truck ECU will be show in the tester, so you can check each wire’s voltage, resistance and current ect quickly and easily. 

Disconnect diagnostic function:
Disconnect the corresponding test plug to make disconnect test, which can diagnosis engine cylinder break and sensor disconnect test easily, so it will avoid the trouble of recover original vehicle wires after break test.

Quick communication for diagnostic scanner: 
This product comes with standard OBD-II diagnostic interface. For vehicles that could not find a diagnostic interface, or special diagnostic interface vehicle. Can easily identify and connect to scanner quickly.

Voltage test function: 
Comes with 3 volt meters, can test the voltage value of the 3 groups of wries at the same time.

Jump cable test function: 
This product is equipped with kinds of sensors’ replacement wire harness. You can make quick diagnosis of sensor wires with replacement of your car wires.

Emergency rescue function :

This product has power input and output functions, It can provide power for all wire pin.