Product Name: High Precision Digital Refractometer

Product description:

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The digital refractometer is designed using the principle of light refraction. It is a portable optical and electronic instrument for high-precision measurement and applicable to sugar, beverage, food, agricultural production, industrial production and science research fields.



•High precision measurement

•Battery reminder

•USB charging

•IP65 waterproof

•Zero point calibration

•Corrosion resistant sample tank

• HD backlit display: Backlit display, easy to measure at night; Electricity, temperature and Brix are clearly visible

• Built-in lithium battery: A full charge can be used about 10,000 times

• New alloy sample cell: Made of zinc alloy material; Precision glass prism at the bottom; Measurement waiting time is about 3 seconds 



Accurate operation, Better maintenance, Longer life

•When measuring the high temperature and low temperature liquid, put it in the measuring tank and wait for 20 seconds to make the measuring tank fully conduct heat before measuring to prevent errors.

•After testing each solution, please wash the sample tank with distilled water and wipe it clean with a flannel. Do not use hard materials to wipe the sample tank to avoid scratching the prism surface.

•If the liquid to be tested is corrosive, please clean it immediately after the measurement is completed to avoid continuous damage to the prism and metal surface by the corrosive solution.



Resolution: 0.1% Brix

Environment temperature: 10~40℃

Temperature compensation: 10~40℃

Battery: Built-in lithium battery 600mA

Times of full charge: about 10,000 times

Size: 120x58x26 mm

Weight: 125g (including battery)