Product Name: Mini Double Sided Spot Welder


Product description:

Product details

Functional characteristics

  • Multi grade discharge: welding materials can be used for preheating, shaping or tempering special, completely solved in the welding process for current shunt caused by defects such as weld, welding. Especially for the coating metal materials and special sandwich metal role more prominent.
  • Handheld electric welding machine with double welding transformer 220V power into low voltage, the welding power instantaneous high power output, low voltage and big current, so that the occurrence of high temperature resistance welding workpiece and forging force to weld. The thickness is up to 2.0MM+2.0MM.
  • Stable performance: using high permeability silicon steel sheet, epoxy pouring water purification machine welding transformer, output strong, stable and reliable performance.
  • One key welding: one button selection of welding mode, welding thickness and welding time.
  • High performance, high quality Italy cold rolled steel plate, air-cooled heat dissipation.

input voltage AC220/380V
output voltage 2V
Input current 30/20A
Maximum welding current 5800A
Double sided welding thickness 2.0+2.0
Operation mode Single point / pulse
Welding power regulation Grade 5 
Welding thickness 6 modes
Weight (gross weight) 10kg