Product Name: Portable 3D Computer Wheel Aligner


Product description: Portable 3D Computer Wheel Aligner

Product details


PLT4020 Portable 3D Wheel Aligner might be the smallest wheel alignment system in the world. Without the long beam and heavy cabinet that most traditional wheel aligners equipped with, the whole set of PLT4020 Portable 3D Wheel Aligner occupies no more than 1 cubic meter space. The light weight and small size allow the equipment to be moved very easily to any place, so the outdoor work and DIY repair both become possible with PLT4020. The wireless WIFI can connect the small cabinet to any LCD monitor with android system, even directly connect to your smart phone.


  • Android system for tablet PC, mobile phone and smart TV optional.
  • Portable 5 pieces of cameras for measurment workable in outdoor.
  • Shatter-resistant 8" target exchangeable for each wheel
  • WIFI communication among cameras, tablet PC, mobile phone, TV monitor, keyboard and mouse.
  • Voice prompt and improper operation display.
  • Suitable for passenger car, bus and truck with less than 6 meters long of wheel base.
  • Data update based on update APP.

Standard Accessary:

4 pieces of targets, 4 pieces of 24”clamps,32”LCD monitor with Android system, turntable, 2 pieces of  wedge, steering wheel lock, foot brake depresser, wireless keyboard and mouse.

Optional Accessary: 
Tablet PC, WiFi wireless printer.

Technical Data

Measuring Item Accuracy Measuring Range
Toe ±0.01°or ±0.01 mm ±20°
Camber ±0.01° ±30°
Caster ±0.02° ±30°
Set Back ±0.01° ±20°
Thruste Angle ±0.01° ±20°
Wheel Track 1200-3000
Wheel Base 2000-5000