Product Name: Portable Wheel Balancer


Product description:

Product details


1. Small size, light weight, easy to transport, store and install. With expansion screws, it can be installed on the wall, mounted on the side of the tire changer, on the column of the lift, or on other brackets. It takes up little space and can be used on mobile repair vehicles.

2. Dot-matrix liquid crystal display.

3. Electric brake.

4. Equipped with balance block split function and OPT function.

5.Optional 12-point laser line

Instructions to facilitate the clamping of the inner weight and the sticking of the weight.


Installation method:

1. Expansion screw, installed on the wall

2. M10 bolts, mounted to the side of the lift

3. Installed on the side of the tire changer

4. Install on the simple bracket

Technical Data:

Measurement speed: 100RPM

Rim diameter: 13 "-24"

Rim width: 2.5 "-20"

Balance accuracy: ± 1g

Power: ~ 85V- ~ 240V 50 / 60Hz 1Ph

Equipment size: 531mm * 211mm * 215mm

Equipment net weight: about 21Kg